Travel information

The closest international airport is Frankfurt airport (FRA).

From there, you can reach Darmstadt conveniently by bus (called AirLiner Download flyer as pdf). The bus stops at Darmstadt main station (Hauptbahnhof), and also at Mathildenplatz (the last bus stop, which is located close to the university). The AirLiner departs in Frankfurt airport from Terminals 1 & 2. If you arrive at Terminal 1, follow the signs "Bus station" and wait outside at platform #14. If you arrive at Terminal 2 follow the signs "Arrivals Area D+E" and wait outside at the next bus stop. The AirLiner is a big yellow double-decker bus. You can buy tickets directly from the driver, they cost around 9€.

To get to your hotel, take the AirLiner:

  • Intercity Hotel, Maritim Hotel: Take the AirLiner to Darmstadt main station. The hotels are close to the bus stop.
  • Mathildenhöhe/Rosengarten/Jungstil: Take the AirLiner to the final stop (Mathildenplatz). From there, it is not very far, but depending on how much luggage you have, it might be most convenient to take a taxi cab.
  • Welcome Hotel: Take the AirLiner to the final stop (Mathildenplatz). From there, it is not very far.

Also see the map: The main station is right next to the InterCity Hotel, the Darmstadt convention center (the final stop) is right across the street from the Welcome Hotel.

Traveling by train

To check train schedules and fares, see German Rail.

Please note that tickets for regional trains are not valid in ICE, IC and EC trains. For the latter, you need special (and more expensive) tickets. The ticket vending machines show the available connections, and it's easiest if you buy a ticket for the exact connection you are going to use. See the local information page for more information on how to reach your hotel from Darmstadt main station.

Hotel information

See the local information page for a map.

Hotel Welcome Hotel

Karolinenplatz 4
64289 Darmstadt

Hotel Intercity Hotel

Poststrasse 12
64293 Darmstadt

Hotel Hotel Zum Rosengarten

Frankfurter Straße 79
64293 Darmstadt

Hotel Mathildenhöhe Hotel

Spessartring 53
64287 Darmstadt

Hotel Maritim Hotel

Rheinstraße 105
64295 Darmstadt

Hotel Hotel Jungstil

Frankfurter Str. 77
64293 Darmstadt